I love being the photographer at family reunions, birthday parties, or get togethers. Many times you don’t think to hire a photographer! I usually will set up a portrait location for everyone to stop by and get a their typical group shots, but the rest of the time I LOVE just wandering around the event and capturing life and those moments that you will never forget.


This adorable pup was new to the family. He was adopted from a rescue that saved him from a puppy mill. You could just see the happiness of his new family on his face.


If you have a themed event contact me about making sure we include that with your photos. For example this reunion they had a western theme so we had a few items that just made the event special. If you are looking for a sign like the one you see in the photos. I did design that.. email me for costs.

It was wonderful to be part of this amazing day. Email me if you are interested in having me join your family reunion.

Keep Moving Forward,

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