When I was ten years old my Dad gave me my first camera. It was 35mm so you know in those days  you had to be careful when you shoot because  thirty-six frames go really fast. I remember taking so many photos with that camera it was very high  tech for its day. I used that camera for years and even took to his 40th High School reunion. It was amazing to take some amazing photos that were so cherished.

I was hooked after that!

As I got older photography was something that stuck with me behind everything else that I was done. In high school was President of our Camera Club for four years and LOVED every minute of it. We had access to printing and processing black and white photography. I did a lot freelance photography while in college and loved being able to capture moments in time. (Weddings, Senior Photos, or Family Parties)

Once I got married my husband invested in a really nice small digital camera and I think the first two months I had that camera I took about three or four thousand photos. What a difference from the old 35mm camera I started with. How could I not want to capture everything. I started creating photo coffee table books and capturing everyone moment of our lives. My husband joked that when the day comes that we pass our family will be.. “how can we choose only a few photos of grandma & grandpa?”. (We have four cases of DVD’s filled) I think that to love photography it has to be something that is part of your life.. something you life every day.

Long story short.. oh.. well too late for that now. I have had my amazing professional camera set for a few years now (and have already seen lots of updates to my equipment) Currently I am working exclusively with digital film and I love everything that it has to offer.

I love portraits, weddings, engagements, family parties, or any other thing you can think of! How about hire me to capture your next tail gate party at the Miller Park or the next Birthday party so you can be in the photos too!! I look forward to working with you on your photography needs.

– Jessica Lynn